Imagine that underneath every sidewalk was a hallway that:

  • allows automated delivery of goods to homes and businesses
  • provides freedom of mobility for people who can’t drive
    or don’t choose to

This sidewalk, underground hallway, and utility system is a multi-level transportation and utility structure to place into alleys or in place of streets.

We call this structure Robot Alley.

Door-to-door automated delivery should cause great changes in:

  • what is sold.  Shelf-space at a store no longer limits what we can buy locally
  • who does the selling.  Anyone can offer goods on the internet and ship them immediately through the City Transport
  • cost of delivery.  Goods are delivered using electrically-powered vehicles
  • cost of storage.  Goods can be stored in easily-retrieved storage containers, with essentially unlimited storage and organization
  • cost to repair.  Central repair locations can more easily receive, fix, and return goods.
  • best disposal.  Central disposal lets you send things for the best possible disposal.

The Sidewalk Level allows for Golf-Cart-Autonomous (GCA) vehicles to deliver goods and people at ground level. These vehicles are under computer control and completely automatic. Of course, then we have to make sure our vehicles stay on their own paths and coexist nicely with existing streets and sidewalks.

Under the sidewalk, the Transport Level lets vehicles deliver goods and people no matter what the weather, and regardless of sidewalk-level traffic. The Transport Level is one-way to maximize throughput.

The lowest level contains utilities such as water and backup electricity. It would also have pipes for a Thermal Loop that circulates hot and cold fluids for heating and cooling. This central heating and cooling concept has been used for many years world-wide.

Delivery endpoints are as small as a dumbwaiter-type system:

Or they can be a repeated-drop package system that allows for multiple packages. Golf-cart size vehicles would arrive in a garage-type area on the lower level of a home or business.

The City Transport system controls all aspects of package and vehicle delivery.